Our pilots have the FAA’s highest category Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, and in addition to flight requirements are also trained in:

  • International Flight Operations, RVSM, and MNPS procedures
  • First Aid, CPR, and AED Training
  • Emergency/ditching operations & survival skills training
  • High Altitude Flight & Physiology training
  • Company specific Crew Resource Management
  • Advanced weather and radar procedures management
  • Advanced upset recovery utilizing aerobatic aircraft
  • Winter Operations

Our Pilots

SAS, by design exceeds the minimum standards set by the FAA and the vast majority of our competitors with expertly vetted and trained Pilots. Best practices are used to verify pedigree, qualifications, and suitability including both personal and aviation related background checks. A DOT/FAA approved Drug & Alcohol program is in place. Many of our Pilots maintain DOD Security Clearances and are appropriately investigated by the US Defense Security Service, as well, SAS enjoys “Fleet Training Partner” status and sits on CAE SimuFlite’s Customer Advisor Board.